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The Thing

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Th 5th review overall!

This is actually a movie I should have watched years ago. It is definitely something I knew I would like and my former place of employment showed this movie for their classic thing they had going on. I figured I better watch this movie now before the prequel comes out in a few weeks; the movie I'm talking about is, of course,

The Thing (1982)

The movie takes place in Antarctica at a US research station, with a bearded Kurt Russel, a clean-shaven Wilfred Brimley, and a goateed Keith David, I already know I'm going to enjoy this movie. Without spoiling too much of the plot an alien creature infiltrates the camp and is able to exactly replicate anything it gets a hold of. Naturally the alien doesn't want to be exposed because it'd be killed so it does everything it can to blend in which leaves the audience without any idea on who or how many are infected, and the movie does a GREAT job keep you in suspense.

I didn't find the movie all that scary though, it had scary parts, and the transformation scenes were awesome.  While I said it wasn't scary, it was a damn good movie. It's easily the best actual movie I've seen this month (serious critic face), but people (with actual writing talent) have been going on for years about how good this movie is and rightfully so. The special effects were pretty ground breaking for the time and seeing the human head sprout spider legs and walk away is probably the scene I'm going to remember most.

Putting yourself in their situation you realize how hopeless their situation actually is. Discounting they're in Antarctica (I hear it's cold there), any single, or just about every single one of them could be the alien and you'd have no idea. Paranoia is one of the most dangerous things a group of humans can experience and when you throw in flame throwers it's a recipe for awesome.

The story is great, the tension is done beautifully, and the effects are really cool. This movie gets 9.5 Dr. Chainsaws. While it's a better movie then In the Mouth of Madness, it's not as scary. And since I have you here, I decided I'm going to bump down Child's Play to an 8. It's not Child's Play's fault, it's just these past two movies have hurt it too much.

So yeah...

9.5 Dr. Chainsaws! 

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