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Well, this is embarrassing but it seems like I won't be watching Hellraiser from Family Video anytime soon. I decided that there are few good horror movies on the Netflix that I haven't seen. I found myself surfing through the same categories in the hopes that I'd find something watchable. I did not, so I went with a movie that came out a couple of years ago that I really enjoyed....

Pandorum (2009)

Starring, my man Ben Foster, and Dennis Quaid. The movie follows around Corporal Bower (Foster) who wakes up on board a massive ship but he has amnesia (a side effect of hyper sleep), and has him trying to restart the reactor while there are creatures on the ship trying to eat him.

Nothing too out of the ordinary there, but the way everything is explained, including the monsters, was very interesting I must say. When I first went to see this movie I wasn't expecting great or something that would make me think, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the story, the explanations of the creatures, what Pandorum was (Space Madness), and the twist they have at the end.

As far as scares go, this movie has plenty of make you jump scenes, lotta creatures jumping out and yelling, "BOO!" But in this movie it makes sense because they're on a ship that's losing power so there's very little light, and the creatures are hunting for food, so of course they're to try and get the jump on you. While I do believe too many pop out scares is something people use to try and overcompensate because they don't know how to actually do scary. But a location like the ship they're on they have to do those types of scares.

There is a scene where Foster and Quaidddddddddd are talking about what Pandorum is, and Quaiddddddd tells him the story of one captain who got it and shot every single escape pod into space, basically sending over 5,000 people into space in a floating coffin. Think about that for a minute and tell me the thought of that isn't terrifying.

The movie was supposed to be the first of a trilogy but due to low box office numbers it most likely won't, and you know what? That's a good thing. This movie wraps itself up nicely without having to wonder much about what happened to anyone, and there is no need for a second story. To sum it up, it's very good and I've watched this movie about 3-4 (too tired to recall) times which is a lot more than most horror movies I've seen. Usually I watch one once and wish it well, but Pandorum is one I go back to on occasion.

8 Dr Chainsaws!

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