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Night of the Creeps

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The 96th review!

After I do 13 Minutes of Nonstop News tonight, I'll start a two-week vacation all I ever wanted! So wooo to that! It'll be my first extended time off since April, needless to say I'm pretty pumped. It's been nice doing the 11, but back to the morning show I go when this is done, so my reviews will start being put out at awkward times. For this movie, I've been wanting to watch it for awhile. I've never heard anyone talk about it, but during James Rolfe's reviews of 80's movies, he said he really wanted to review this one but didn't get a chance, and for some reason the goofy cover stuck with me. So today I watched...

Night of the Creeps (1986)

Yes, before anyone asks I did plan saying something about the title being inspired by Larry, but that's low hanging fruit. Anyways, this movie is goofy. The first five minutes is really out there. It starts off with aliens on a space ship chasing and shooting another alien that's holding a vial. The chased alien makes it into a secure room, the chasers can't get it open and start talking with two sets of subtitles, with the second one being English. The important thing to take away is they say, "We can't let the experiment get off the ship."

As you may of guessed, the first alien manages to get it off the ship and if you've seen a movie before, you know it ends up on earth. This movie is very 80's. From the goofy dialogue, the music, masked aliens, character motivations, they even have a blonde douche bag play one of the antagonists. Which by the way, that's something that needs to come back. Douche bags just seem worse if they're bleach blonde, and the 80's were a better time because of it. Think about it, would that dick head from Karate Kid been as bad without that hair? I doubt it. Just to show how much of a dick this guy is, after getting told what's up by a kid with crutches, the blonde guy (who has a license plate that says "The Bradster") kicks over the handicapped kid, and seems very proud of himself. 

Think about it, would that dick head from Karate Kid been as bad without that hair? I doubt it.

As for the movie, the experiment gets loose on earth and these college kids, along with a chain-smoking cop with a dark past try to stop the invasion. Slugs go into your mouth, lay eggs in your brain, then explode out of your head with more slugs while you're walking around. It's incredibly goofy but it's fun a movie. It's kind of like The Blob where you just turn your brain off and enjoy the silliness. It's not as good as The Blob, but it's still pretty damn good, AND you can find it on Netflix.

The highlight of the movie is the old cop. Just about every time you see him he's smoking a cigarette and always cracking wise. Normally I don't like that sort of thing, but the whole movie has that tone so it's OK. There's a scene where a bus full of frat boys crashes, then the slugs turn them into the monsters. When you get the slugs, you're still you in the sense of your consciousness and memories (well in some cases, the movie kind of flip flops), but you're on borrowed time. So the dead(ish?) frat boys are walking to a sorority and the cop busts into the house. While he's securing the place he looks outside and sees the infected dudes coming to the house and tells the girls, "I've got good news and bad news. The good news, your dates are here."

Girl asks, "What's the bad news?"

"They're all dead."

It's a fun, silly movie with a ridiculous premise, that doesn't try to do more than entertain you. Nothing wrong with that! 

8 Dr. Chainsaws!

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