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Event Horizon

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The 97th review overall!

Good day for Notre Dame, bad day for a lot of other teams ranked in the top 10. Anyways, good first day of vacation so far; worked on my car with my dad, had a shrimp box, watched a horror movie, then Notre Dame, went to eat for THE Anderson's birthday, and got a sweet new bike from Larry and Jess, thanks guys! For today's movie I didn't want to ease Becca into my October extravaganza, nope we jumped in head first with...

Event Horizon (1997)

Here's the thing, a ship with a type of warp drive (sorta) up and disappears for seven years. Then out of nowhere there's a transmission from around Neptune. So a salvage crew, along with the creator of the ship is tasked with going to find survivors, salvage what can be salvaged, and find out what the hell happened. They listen to the emergency transmission, and you can guess, it didn't go swimmingly for the crew. Once the (alive) crew gets on the Event Horizon they start hallucinating their biggest fears. They're skeptical at first, but the creator of the ship starts flaking out and little by little they start to realize the ship that came back is a lot different than the one that disappeared.

There's a particular scene I enjoy. The crew finds the last video log from the crew that up and vanished and when they're watching, the former crew was one big happy family, all excited to be on a history-making trip. Then it cuts out and gets all fuzzy, with images and screams flashing. Later it's cleaned up and they're watching what actually happened to the crew... well, it's very difficult to explain, it's one of those you have to see it to understand.

Without giving away too much, it's like Hellraiser in space. The ship is alive and fills the crew with terrible visions of sadomasochism blood orgies full of torture and really disturbing imagery. To think the original cut of this movie was 30 minutes longer and a lot gorier than what Becca and I watched, makes me wish I'd seen that version.

The acting is good. The two best roles are Laurence Fishburne as the gruff captain, and Sam Neil as the creator of the ship. Neil wants desperately to bring the ship back, and after seeing visions of his wife, slowly starts to get more and more crazed. I can't exactly pinpoint what his intentions are from the jump. It's hard to tell because it takes him awhile to realize exactly where this ship has gone, and he starts having terrible visions as well. But he does a really good job with it, especially a scene where he REALLY slowly swivels around on a chair. That part's bad ass.

It has a very tense and claustrophobic atmosphere. The crew is stuck on the Event Horizon because of problems to their ship and they have to get their's fixed in 20 hours of they'll run out of air, and as I learned from "Firefly", if that were to happen, you freeze to death before you run out of air. It's a genuinely disturbing movie with crazy visuals and good horror. I like that it wasn't just people being crazies, but was actually supernatural. I like the movies that play with the character's darkest fears. It lets you see the humanity in the characters more than just being cannon fodder. 

It's a good movie and a good horror/sci fi if you're in the mood for it.

8 Dr. Chainsaws!

Becca's thoughts: "Scary."
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