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The Lost Boys

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The 220th review!

Lincoln got to experience tummy time for the first time today, and yes, he is adorable. We got a new carpet and set up our play area for him. He is so cute! Anyways, now that my show is put together, I can I tell you all about...

The Lost Boys (1987)

Let me be just like every single person who has seen it and tell you, this movie is great. I have a soft spot for 80’s camp. I love those movies; The Blob, Night of the Creeps and to a lesser extent The Stuff. They’re a lot of fun, the clothes, the hair, the music, they’re always a good time. While those movies are good, this one is more than 80’s camp, it’s fantastic. I never mention cinematography, because people who mention it do it to be pretentious, but this movie is shot really well and has a very cool style to it.

A family moves to Santa Carla, California from Phoenix, and after the brothers walk the boardwalk, they run afoul of a group of vampires led by Jack Bauer. Eventually, the older brother unknowingly drinks the blood of Bauer and starts to turn. From there it turns into a fight for survival while trying to save his brother before he completely turns.

The movie is great as is, but what makes it stand out are the Frog brothers, Edgar and Allen. They run a comic book store with their parents and are the resident vampire experts/hunters. I like Corey Feldman as an actor, he’s been in many great roles, from Tommy Jarvis, to Mouth, and he was even entertaining in the Tales From the Crypt movie, but he’s just bad ass in this one. He and his brother chew the scenery the entire time, and they’re the most entertaining parts of a very entertaining movie. Just about everything they said brought a smile or chuckle from me.

There’s so much to like about it. Even the vampire gang are a fun bunch to watch. Jack Bauer has a quiet menace about him that (when he’s not yelling) would perfect later on “24.” They’re a scary bunch, but you can’t help but be transfixed on them. Even the brothers’ mother who has to play it straight is a likeable character and doesn’t suck the fun from the movie. I watched it when I was much younger and remembered enjoying it. But as I get older, I realize I liked a lot of garbage *cough* Billy Madison *cough*. But I’m very happy to report this one holds up. Not only is it a damn good movie, it’s a damn good vampire movie as well. Many times when you have a villain that’s been so overused like a vampire, it’s hard to make it stand out. While this one doesn’t change the rules all that much and really doesn’t do anything super unique, it’s cast is perfect right down the line. There are no boring or dragging parts.

This movie was the start of the Corey and Corey string of movies, Feldman and Haim. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant too last because of drugs, which is a shame because the two had good chemistry and were a fun duo.

There’s not too much I can say about it that hasn’t been said thousands of times, so here it is... this movie rules. Go watch it. It’s streaming on HBO Go. I don’t end my reviews with a quote, but I loved the very last line in the movie so much, I had to add it somewhere.

"One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach: all the damn vampires."

9.5 Dr. Chainsaws!


EDITOR'S NOTE: For those who do not know, some friends of Mr. Pat's brother, Mike, used to call him "Mr. Muscle Sax Man" after Tim Copella's role in The Lost Boys.

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