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Rosemary's Baby

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The 66th review!

Day two and I have 32 minutes to finish this review before midnight. I think I got this... I've wanted to watch this movie for the longest time and I was tickled pink when I found out it was on Netflix. It's listed as one of the greatest horror movies of all the times, so I decided to watch...

Rosemary's Baby (1968) 

It's a very psychological film and it plays with your mind pretty well. You absolutely know something is up with these people, but towards the movie, it manages to put in a tiny bit of doubt that maybe Rosemary is just crazy. Rosemary and her beau move into an apartment, she doesn't work, he's a struggling actor, and they want a baby. They meet an older couple who take a shine to them and start popping in all the time. Eventually Rosemary has a dream where her husband, the old couple, and multiple naked old people are standing around watching her get raped and impregnated by the devil. Some pretty disturbing shit.

The movie isn't so much "scary" because it's not about scary. This mother is pregnant because her husband told her he had sex with her while she was sleeping, she's in constant pain, and everyone who is supposed to be helping her seems to have their own interests in mind. It's a really well done movie and the big reveal is so disturbing and so unsettling for a Catholic like myself, that it made me squirm a bit. SPOILERS Rosemary's husband made a deal to give up his first born to them for a better acting career, she ends up having the baby, she sees its eye are deformed (they don't show you, which I think makes it better) then the group of about 15 people starting chanting, "Hail Satan." Disturbing shit. END SPOILER

This isn't a God vs the Devil movie, God actually has very little to do with it except for a few sarcastic comments from the old couple, a Times article, and Rosemary being a former Catholic. I will say the ending definitely unnerved me and really makes you think about it after it's over. 

The movie was made in the 60's, so it's funny to see just how different people looked at smoking back then compared to now. She has a visit from her friend and they're having a discussion about what's healthy for the baby when the friend just starts smoking a pipe in front of the pregnant woman. Then later in the movie, Rosemary and her husband have a party and at the end there are cigarette butts all over the floor. Funny how times change.

8 Dr Chainsaws!

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