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Don’t Breathe

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The 188th review!

Today was a rough day, obviously the big tragedy was the massacre in Las Vegas which is the absolute worst kind of evil, making the movies I watch this month seem tame. And in a much lesser tragedy, but still sad, was the untimely passing of Tom Petty. I saw everyone posting their favorite songs of his, but you’re all wrong, “Learning To Fly” is the correct answer. So after a very delicious dinner, Becca and I watched...

Don’t Breathe (2016).

So a trio of burglars break into people’s homes and steal their stuff. But the leader of the pack, who has the on-the-nose nickname “Money” is getting ripped off by his fence. So the group gets together and decides to burglarize a blind veteran who happens to have $300-thousand money they assume is not in a bank and must be hidden in his home. Needless to say it doesn’t go well and the guy doesn’t take too kindly to their illegal shenanigans and it sets off a deadly cat and mouse game.

In a way it feels a lot like the final act of the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane which did tension a lot better. In Cloverfield there were characters to root for and you wanted Mary Elizabeth Winstead and her b/f to escape. But in this, the three burglars are shitty people, and then later you find out the veteran they’re robbing is a crazy kidnapper. It’s hard for me to get behind and root for someone if they’re just bad people and don’t have the charisma or fun of being assholes, they’re just lazy burglars. Full disclosure, my home has been broken into twice and one time while I was sleeping, so maybe I’m biased as I didn’t care what happened to the protagonists.

While it’s not as good as 10 Cloverfield Lane it’s still pretty good, although it’s kind of formulaic. It sets up a chase, there’s shenanigans, then the second you think they’re about to escape the baddie teleports right where he needs to be. Outside of the other movie I keep referencing, it also feels a like the Baker’s chasing you around in Resident Evil 6.

Despite my semi-harsh words it’s an enjoyable movie. The baddie is pretty cool, I liked the scene in the basement where he turns out the lights and the three of them are completely blind trying to make their way around in the dark. In the best scene of the movie, he’s standing in the dark, stalking them with a gun while she’s feeling her way around. With each second she’s getting closer and closer to him and has no idea.

The movie moves at a brisk 89 minutes and once they get inside the house it picks up and doesn’t slow down. Here’s a fun fact, the exterior shots were shot in Detroit, but inside the house was shot in Hungary. Weird, huh?

6 Dr. Chainsaws!

Becca on the other hand gives it 1 Doggie “because there was one doggie. Maybe two because it was a Rottweiler. Maybe 3 because it was three doggies.” So there you have it. (The dog was played by three different doggies).

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